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LEGO Friends Rescue Mission Boat

The toy boat building kit with mini-dolls and toy sea creatures, as well as the rescue kit are great educational items that you can buy at an affordable price. This LEGO construction set consists exclusively of safe products.

Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train, 6 Count

The original set includes six train boats that will be an incredible experience while bathing your child in the bathroom. If your little one does not want to accept procedures in any way - try to buy him this toy. The result will definitely please you.

Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter

The Green Toys helicopter rescue boat will be the best solution for bathroom games. You can share the incredible swimming experience with your child right at home or in your apartment. The product is made of proven materials and is stable on the water.

LEGO City Great Vehicles Diving Yacht Toy

LEGO construction set in the form of a toy boat and the diving yacht is one of the great solutions for your child. Pay attention to how saturated it looks: it has an original structure and color. The toy consists of many completely safe parts.

LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat

LEGO construction set for boys and girls from 7 years old, including an interactive addition, is a unique educational solution for toddlers with abilities. The composition contains only those parts that meet the requirements of environmental safety. The cost will pleasantly surprise you.

Boon Stacking Boats Bathing Toys

Boon Stacking Boats bath toys can do wonders for the naughty kids. They can distract attention while you need to bathe your child. The cost of this set, which includes 5 parts, is not high.

LEGO City Race Boat Transporter

Among the many types of construction sets, LEGO is considered to be the most popular and safe. In this case, it is proposed to buy a funny construction set for children. This 2020 new product includes 238 safety parts. Make your child's leisure time more productive and entertaining.