Best Games With 0-3 Years Old Children for 2021

The baby will begin to learn about the world around him from the very first days of its life. Every day he will become more active. In the second or third week, you can notice that the child likes to watch moving objects with bright and contrasting colors. And after a while, the baby will pull the handles to the “object of his watching”.
And nothing for a child will be as important and natural as playing. Through it people engage in the society and learn the necessary everyday skills. The parents’ task is to help a child up to the age of 3 to focus on feelings and ways of information getting.

How and what you can play with children from 0 to 3 years old ?

Keeping an eye on the child, you can see that his activities become more diverse, as well as the reaction to the same things and actions. What and how to play with a boy or girl up to the age of 3? Here are some examples:

• One of the most favorite activities of the baby can be looking at his reflection in the mirror.
• Listening to music. You can even dance while holding the baby.
• Massage can also be turned into a game if you touch the baby’s legs, hands, heels, palms, while saying playthings or nursery rhymes.

At the age of 2-3 months, the parents can already introduce their child to the book. Of course, the baby will not immediately understand the meaning of the content and illustrations, but it will be fascinated by the sound of your voice, and will definitely pay attention to the bright pictures.

It’s hard to imagine playing with a baby without toys! At the age from 0 to 3 years, big, moving and colorful toys that make a sound are preferable. Initially, you will have to teach the child to use them, put them in their hands, manipulate them, and monitor their movements. I particularly want to say about finger – type plays. They will help to coordinate hands movements, develop fine motor skills, foster speech development.

From all the variety of finger games, choose those that correspond to the child’s motor development.
The duration of the same game according to age should not exceed 2-3 minutes. At the same time, you can return to it 3 – 4 times per day. If you see that the child is restless or irritated during the play, you should change the type of activity.

Thus, any activity with a child from 0 to 3 years old can be turned into a game useful for its development. However you should do it without compulsion.

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