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Mobile Magical Tales, Black/White

Magic fairy tales are a special rattle for little children. All the main characters are very cute and your kid will definitely like it. Please note that the product is absolutely safe in terms of environmental friendliness. You can buy inexpensively at a reasonable price right now.

LAMAZE Bitty Bite Bug Rattle

The LAMAZE Bitty Bite Bug Rattle is a fun activity for a child. It calms and creates the right atmosphere. The kid will be delighted with such a gift. New smiles for parents. Highest quality and no toxic materials.

Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

Environmentally friendly VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow does not cause allergic reactions. Made from quality materials. The cost of the product is available for each parent. Suitable for babies from 2 months of age. Choose here.

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy

The surprisingly durable Melissa & Doug Fish shape-shifting toy will be the right decoration for your child's room. Your baby will definitely be delighted. Choose only the highest quality and proven products in our online store. There are some discounts.

Gizmovine Baby Toys Rattles Set

This Gizmovine Rattle Set includes 10 different items to delight your baby every day. Designed for children aged 2 months and up. It will be a truly interesting gift. Made of proven and safe materials.

Tummy Time Water Mat

Among the many toys for children aged 2 months and over, an inflatable mat stands out. It is used mainly in the bathroom for bathing a child. A good choice for parents who want to provide real comfort for their child.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat Teaches your little one to sit independently as soon as possible. If you want to develop your child as early as possible, choose only this product. Our site contains many options for the development of young children.

Baby Einstein 4-in-1 Kickin’ Music

Little Einstein - that's what this set is called. It includes various musical components, a game gym. Designed for babies 2 months and older. A good start for a kid who is just learning to explore the world.

Baby Activity and Teething Toy

An elephant-shaped multisensory rattle and elephant textures for kids' activities and teething is gaining popularity among parents. The banana taste attracts the baby, and it is much easier for him/her to endure the period of new teeth.

Play Piano Gym, Green

This toy is suitable for children from 2 months of age. For both girls and boys. The right choice to start development. High-quality workmanship. Affordable cost. We check the goods before shipping. Environmental safety guarantee.