Top Toys of 2007

The top toys of 2007 for Christmas this year are not just for the little kids in the house, but also the bigger kids. A
lot of adults still have a touch of a childish side in them and appreciate a good game or toy now and then.
Christmas is a perfect time to give them something fun so they can play with the rest of the kids in the family.
Here are a couple of hits with little kids and big kids alike:

Wii – The Wii video gaming system is just as popular with adults as it is kids, sometimes even more so.  Everyone
can get into a video game, and this is a gaming system that is almost a party in itself with controls that you have
to get up and move around to get to work. This is actually something that will get an adult out of the sofa 'couch
potato' position, and into a competition stance in front of the TV. If your family already has a Wii, you can take a
trip down memory lane getting an accessory for it. One of the new ones out this season is a Zapper. It's that old
plastic gun you used to use in the early Nintendo video games, but now made to work with the Wii. It even comes
with another game to play.

Pleo – Among the top toys of 2007, a great looking robot that will take you back in time. Pleo is a robotic
dinosaur, but a far cry from those creaking dino robots that were out in years past. This one reacts to you and it's
surroundings, with almost 40 sensors all over its body to 'feel' it's environment.  The Pleo dinosaur will react to
the input it gets from you and it's new home, and will even start to show personality traits as it gets to know you
better. Think of it as having your own baby dinosaur that you are raising, minus the food and cleanup.

Air Hogs Battling Havoc Heli Laser Battle Set – Boys, young and old, like to beat up the enemy.  That's probably
the reason that so many adults are ready to compete with their children on the battlefield with this one of the top
toys of 2007. Two people can fly these remote-controlled helicopters and the goal is to shoot the other guy out of
the sky. Each helicopter is equipped with a laser and once you've been hit, you're down in a tailspin. These are
good for outside, or inside playing (although you may want to make sure you have a higher than average ceiling
for those evasive maneuvers).

Rose Bowl Electronic Football Game – Taking a flash back into history is this great game that has become one of
the top toys of 2007 for adults.  Remember that old vibrating football table game? It's back!  With 3D players at a
starting line up, the decidedly low-tech playing field rumbles into action as the players taking on their roles of
passing, running and tackling. And being that it's the Rose Bowl, you can always crank the game up full on
vibration, and pretend it's an earthquake.
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