Top Toys 2007

If you have any little girls in your family and have had them make their Christmas List of Top Toys 2007, you may
have seen a few things you’re not sure what they are. We’re here to help you sort it all out, with the list of top toys
2007 that all the girls want.

Webkinz – Remember Beanie Babies? Well these are another group of soft and cuddly stuffed animals that all
little girls are in love with this year and you'll see them all over the top toys 2007 lists. There are also limited
numbers and styles of them available at any point in time, so you never know which ones you will be able to find
in the stores, and which ones are going to be retired. With the variety in these animals from Raccoons to horses,
ponies, hippos and puppies, make sure you know which ones you are looking for so you don’t end up with the
wrong one.

Fur Real Friends – There are some toys on this years top toys 2007 list that are stuffed animals with a lot of
extras. The Fur Real Friends come in a number of varieties, with the most coveted ones being Squackers
McCaw, the parrot, and Smores and Butterscotch the ponies. These are like no stuffed animals you have seen
before. They are completely interactive the ponies know when they are being petted or offered a carrot and
respond to the touch, can swish their tail, and even hold your little girl (up to 80 lbs) on their back, and the parrot
learns and repeats jokes and always wants to be fed his cracker.

Barbie Girls and Holiday Barbie – Barbie is always big this time of year and it’s no surprise she’s all over the top
toys 2007 list.  The Holiday Barbie is the traditional annual Barbie doll that every Barbie collector must have,
decked out in her Christmas finest. Barbie Girls are what happens when you combine Barbie with an MP3 player.
The electronic doll can plug into your computer to download and play music, and there is even a line of clothing
for this portable device, so your Barbie MP3 is wearing the latest fashions.

Hannah Montana Singing Doll- She’s not quite Barbie, but nearly as popular. All little girls want to be Hannah
Montana, so it’s no wonder a doll that looks and sings like Hannah is on the top toys of 2007 list.  There is a trick
to buying these dolls though. There are 2 styles, and each sings different songs, so make sure you know which
one you are looking for.

Digi Makeover – For a girl who wants to be able to make everyone look beautiful, the Digi Makeover will likely be
on their top toys 2007 list.  With this electronic system, you can plug into the TV and take photos of family and
friends, then use the Digi Makeover to spruce them up, changing their hair, makeup, clothes, and even their
jewelry, to make everyone look like a celebrity.
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