Top Christmas Toys

Spy toys are in when it comes to top Christmas toys this year. It seems all the little boys, and some of the older
ones too, want to be a spy. So they are putting a lot of spy gadgets on their list of top Christmas toys.

Here are some of the favorites:

1.Wild Planet's Spy Video Car - When it comes to the list of top Christmas toys for the little spy in today's kids,
this car is number one. It combines two things they want most – remote control vehicles, and the ability to be a
spy. The R/C car can be driven around the house and be their eyes. It comes installed with an infrared camera,
and a special pair of goggles the 'spy' can wear to see what the car is 'seeing'.

2. Wild Planet’s Mission Gloves – James Bond had his gadgets, and so can your child with the next of the top
Christmas toys for this year's spy enthusiast. The Mission Gloves are fingerless gloves that your child can wear
that come with a number of features that can help them in their spying escapades. One of the gloves has a digital
voice recorder, to catch those top-secret conversations. The other glove has a series of lights, so secret agent
can let each other know when it’s ok (green) when they need to proceed with caution (yellow) or when their
mission is in peril (red).

3. Agent Action Briefcase – This briefcase has many of the tools your spy needs to do their job. That’s why it
found it’s way on the top Christmas toys list.  Among the tools inside, a vision scope, motion alarm, darts and a
launcher. There are also a number of secret compartments in the case where your little spy can put any evidence
or top secret items they gain access to during their adventure.

4. Mobile Spy Ear – If only you could hear what the enemy was saying. Now you can, with the Mobile Spy Ear.
This little vehicle can be rolled into a room where a top-secret conversation is going on. Through an ear bud,
your little spy will be able to hear what is going on and thwart the enemy’s plans.

5. Intruder Trap System - If the spy headquarters isn’t safe, nothing is. That’s where the Intruder Trap system
comes in. This item is on the top Christmas toys list to keep all the other spy items safe. This innocent enough
looking box really is a series of alarms that will let your young spy know if someone is trying to get into their HQ.
The first trap is an alarm that responds to light and sound. When it notices an intruder, they alarm will go off,
letting them know they have been caught. If they keep going, another motion detector alarm kicks in, firing toy
darts at them to send them packing. For the most stubborn intruders, there is a third alarm. This one is a loud
siren that will make sure any friendly spies in the area know someone is in HQ, and they’ll come running.
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