Most Popular Christmas Toys

Once kids get to 11 and 12 years old, then into their teens, they move into a category where it’s harder to find
presents for them. Many people take the cop out of just giving them cash and being done with it. But, if you are
more traditional and you like to actually wrap a present under the tree, here is a look at some of the most popular
Christmas toys for pre-teens and teens:

iPod – The Apple iPods have been one of the most popular Christmas toys for a few years, and still are this year.
These devices used to be just a stylish way to play music, now they also play videos and come in a number of
varieties and colors. Pre-teens and teens that want to be a part of the in-crowd, want to have one of these iPods,
with those signature white Apple ear buds to listen to their favorite music or watch movies. If you are the gift card
type person, and you know a preteen that has an iPod, you can get a gift card that is specifically for them to use
for their iTunes account, the program they use to download their music and videos.

MP3 Players – If you’re not an Apple fan, you can find a number of other MP3 players on the market as well. All of
these generally work the same. What really matters to the preteens is the look. They want a music player that
looks cool and makes them look cool.

Wii - It was one of the most popular Christmas toys last year and the Wii video gaming systems is on the most
popular Christmas toys list this year as well. Part of the reason is that the production of these video gaming
systems has been very slow and there are a number of people who wanted them last year who have not yet been
able to get them yet. For those who do have a Wii gaming system, you can still buy them things related to their
Wii, from controllers to new games and accessories to make it an even more impressive gaming experience.

Cell Phones – Kids today all have to be in touch. They want to be able to call and text their friends all day and
night. While many parents have fought this, thinking their kids don’t need a phone, some have decided its ok. If
your child is one of those, or if you are trying to buy a gift for a kid who has a cell phone there are a few options.
There is always a better phone to have. If you want to be out a bit of cash, you can buy them one of the trendiest
new phones on the market. There are also a lot of great looking cell phone accessories out there that can make
the must-have phone even more trendy for that preteen or teen.  For teens on prepaid cell phone plans, you can
make big points by buying them a card with more minutes to use.
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