Hottest Toys 2007

When it comes to looking for the hottest toys of 2007 to buy for your kids under the Christmas tree, they’re going
to tell you they want everything that is popular. But just because your kids think toys are cool, doesn’t mean they
are appropriate for all kids.  You need to make sure you know what age group those hottest toys of 2007 are
before you buy them for your kids.

Here’s a general rule of thumb to follow when choosing the hottest toys 2007 and keeping them age appropriate.

0-2 Years – For these little ones, you want toys that are safe as the primary rule. Remember little ones put almost
everything in their mouths, so no little parts. Stick with gifts like stuffed animals (without removable parts), crib
and stroller toys, shape sorting toys, stacking toys, or for the electronic baby, the baby-aged Leapfrog early
learning toys.

3-5 Years – These kids can have a little more advanced toys, but still are young enough that you should find toys
that are not overly complicated. For girls, anything with Dora the Explorer on it will be one of the hottest toys
2007, as well as any dress-up kits, and Leapfrog intermediate learning game systems. For boys, the Leapfrog
games are still good as well as Bob the Builder toys, remote control toys that are geared to this age group and
TMX Elmo.

6-8 Years – These kids are getting their identity through their favorite TV shows. For girls Hannah Montana toys
are hot, with the Hannah Montana Singing Dolls on the list of hottest toys of 2007.  High School Musical toys and
dress ups sets are popular for this group as well as the FurReal interactive pets. When it comes to boys, the
hottest toys of 2007 are any of the Transformers toys that came out of the popular movie, the Jakks Bionic eye
that lets them magnify anything and everything, as well as any toys with a spy theme.

9-12 Years. As kids progress through this age group, their tastes are getting more discerning.  For girls, the
Barbie Girls mp3 player is going to be one of the hottest toys 2007. Other electronics are on that list, including
iPets, (electronic pets that can play and dance to mp3s), a digital makeover game set that allows girls to put
photos on TV and change their hair, makeup, and other features, and the High School Musical game. For boys,
Transformers are still on the hottest toys of 2007 list. But they have more discerning tastes and want the more
advanced toys with all the extra features. Also, popular are robots and remote controlled toys that fly (helicopters,
planes and insects).

13-16 Years – While many people write off teenagers when it comes to gift giving, there are some gifts that teens
will like. Anything digital will do well. From iPods, mp3 players, digital cameras and video gaming systems, the
newest electronic items are the top of the teenager's hottest toys of 2007 list.
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