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With the popularity of TV shows like American Idol and America’s Next Best Band, it’s not a surprise that many of
this years hot toys have the same theme.

American Idol – Anything with the America Idol logo on it seems to go right up the hot toys list this year. There are
a number of American idol dress up and singing toys that can make your kids feel like they’re on stage. The only
thing they won’t have to deal with is the insults from Simon.

High School Musical – In addition to the competing singing shows, there are also a number of musical TV shows
that are big with today’s kids. One of these shows is Disney’s High School Musical, and all the merchandise from
this show is among this years hot toys.

Hannah Montana – Along the same lines, the Hannah Montana TV show is huge with kids, and Hannah happens
to be a singing star. So those who want to play Hannah Montana want to know what that star life is like. They can
even recreate a Hannah Montana scene with a singing Hannah Montana Doll.

Get a Guitar – No matter the age, every kid seems to want to be that great guitar player in the next big band,
playing the killer riffs. While you may not want to put hundreds of dollars out for an expensive guitar for you kid,
since you don’t know if they are going to stick to playing, there are some other alternatives. Some of the hot toys
this year are cheaper alternatives to let your child’s inner rock star out.  For kids 8 and up there is Power Guitar,
their very own electric guitar setup, with a instructional DVD.  For kids that are a little younger, there is a guitar
made for them as well. Mattel has created I Can Play Guitar. This toy is geared for kids more in the 6-year-old
age range. You can plug it right into the television and it will help your kids learn how to play with a color-coded
system. Even girls are more commonly interested in letting their inner guitar rocker out. For them, a more
feminine guitar has been created. The Barbie Guitar for Girls is a typical Barbie pink in color, but has a
comparable sound of the similar guitars for boys.

Being a big, bad guitar player has gone beyond a physical guitar. It’s also become a video game. One of the
hottest toys from the video gaming shelf this year is Guitar Hero, which has the player try to play like a pro to get

While most kids like music, they don’t all want to play. Some of them would prefer to have a great sounding
listening system, instead.  For these kids, hot toys are as easy as going down the music player aisle. The hottest
of the hot toys are always iPods, but there are also a variety of new holiday mp3 players hitting the stores just in
time for the Christmas shopping season.
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