Hot Christmas Toys

By now you should be making your list and checking it twice for the hot Christmas toys you need to buy. When it
comes to the boys in the family, you will end up in one of two categories – the relative who is cool and buys the
hot Christmas toys or the relative they wish was cool enough to buy the hit Christmas toys.

Need a little help? We've got he must-have hot Christmas toys for boys right here.

The Sesame Street characters seem to always be at the top of the list, and this year is no exception. The only
difference is we're not looking for Elmo this year, but TMX Cookie Monster & TMX Ernie.  What's so great about
them? For the little ones, it's all about the laughter, and these dolls roll around and giggle when you tickle their

Also among the hot Christmas toys for 2007 are Transformer toys. You may have through the battle between
Autobots and Decepticons was over and out of style years ago. Well, they're back. Thanks to the movie, they are
more popular than ever and if you are only going to buy one, try to nab the Transformers Movie Ultimate
Bumblebee, he's the top of the Transformer toy list, and hard to find.

Continuing through the hot Christmas toys for boys this year is the Nintendo Wii.  Now, you're not imagining,
things, it was on the list last year as well. But there has been such an ongoing shortage of the game systems on
the market they are still on this years hottest toys list.

If you can't find the Wii, the other option is the new Nintendo DS, which is also on the top toys list. It has two
screens for play and is more compact than the earlier versions of this portable gaming system.

Jakks EyeClops Bionic Eye is the next of the toys for boys that are going to be hot this holiday season. If you
gave a kid a magnifying glass to look at something more closely, they would likely think you're making them do
science homework. But, if you give them a big green handled eyeball, suddenly it's fun.

What guy doesn't want to be a rock star? They seem to be starting young these days, which is why the Power
Guitar has made it on the list of hot Christmas toys. Not only can they rock out with this guitar, but it also teaches
them how to really play while they're at it.

Put a little creativity among the toys that are under the Christmas tree with LEGO Mindstorms. Kids are going
crazy for this more advanced generation of Legos. You can build machines, then hook them up to your computer
and program them to move.

Finally, there is one toy on the hot Christmas toys 2007 list that gets the 'awww' and 'wow' factor all at once, is the
Pleo Dinosaur. Think of having a baby dinosaur in your house. That is essentially what you get with this guy,
minus the feeding and cleanup aspects. Underneath his unique dino skin are dozens of devices that allow him to
react to touch and movement around him as well as learn and explore his new home.
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