Christmas Toys 2007

Many of the lists of top Christmas toys of 2007 are geared towards kids who are 8 and up. But, what about the
littler kids? Don’t parents deserve a guide to what the younger age groups want? We think so. So, here are some
of the top Christmas toys of 2007 for ages 3-6.

SMART CYCLE Physical Learning Arcade System – This is the top of the Christmas toys of 2007 list for every
boy in this age group. Parents like it too because while they may not realize it, those little ones are learning
something and exercising as they play with it. When you first look at the SMART CYCLE, it looks like a stationary
bike for a child, with a few cords coming out of it. But once you plug it into your TV, you’ll see how this bike takes
playing to a whole new level. The way the game is played is that your little one pedals the bike to progress
through an adventure with his or her on-screen friends. Not only do they get to exercise along with the characters
on the TV, but along the way they will play educational games and learn letters, numbers, shapes, basic spelling
and many other skill. You can even get the kids to compete for who can learn more by hooking up two bikes and
letting them play together.

Fur Real Friends Butterscotch and Smores Ponies – What child doesn’t want a horse or a pony. Now you can say
yes, without worrying about the feeding, cleaning and boarding costs of a horse. Butterscotch and Smores, the
ponies, are on many a most-wanted list of Christmas Toys of 2007. These ponies are completely interactive.
When they are brushed, they react, blinking their eyes and swishing their tail. Want to make the ponies real
happy? Offer them their favorite treat, their special carrot, and they’ll nibble away.  They are also built so they
can hold the weight of a child up to 80lbs.

ClickStart My First Computer - If you have a pre-school aged child who is in love with the idea of getting on the
computer, but doesn’t need to access to all the dangers of the internet, this Leapfrog device should be on your
Christmas toys of 2007 list. It looks like a mini-computer, and even has a keyboard and mouse that is easy for
little fingers to use. But instead of giving your child free access to the internet, you plug it into the TV, and they
will be able to navigate through a number of games and scenarios and play as if they had their own computer

TMX Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie – Fun and giggling toys are on the little ones Christmas Toys of 2007 list.
These toys are the latest of the Sesame Street characters to come to life. When you tickle their belly, Elmo, Ernie
or Cookie Monster will roll around and laugh, launching your little one into a giggling frenzy as well.
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