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March 2018
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  • Top Toys Havoc Helicopters

    These are great R/C Helicopters. They are the Spinmaster Havoc Helicopters by Air Hogs. They are one of the top toys of Christmas 2007, because you actually get to battle with them. Each purchase comes with two sets of R/C Havoc Helicopters. Position them in the air, fire your laser, and your opponent will go into a wild tail spin. These top toys are fun, and who doesn’t want to battle with RC Toys?

    Buy Havoc Helicopters 

    havoc helicopters

    We Need Writers

    If there are any writers out there that would like to write about children’s toys, then please email us at admin(at)

    Top Toys 2007 Grading

    We have a formula for grading which toys are the top toys of 2007. It is an algorythm that is based on 6 variables. Which are safety, innovation, quality, popularity, value, and lasting appeal.

    If you would like to put a toy to the test, please send us the name of the toy, and a web address of where we can find out more about it. We would love to help you see if a toy is truly one of the top toys, and if it would be right for your child.

    Fuzion Asphalt

    This is one of the most fun ride on toys of 2007. It is called the Fuzion Asphalt. It has a wide deck for unparalleled steering and control, independent trunks, and custom oversized wheels. It is fun for both skaters, and non-skaters. It is easy to use, and a blast for kids. It is a fun, active toy.

    Buy Fuzion Asphalt

    fuzion asphalt

    Learn & Groove Musical Table

    This is the perfect learning toy for your baby. It has everything a baby could want, and everything that will stimulate your babies mind. From lights, to colors, to noises. It is designed to exercise their memory and stimulate their mind.

    learn and groove musical table

    Moon Sand

    Another award winning toy of 2007 was Moon Sand. You can mold it, squish it, and it never goes dry. Your kids can use it over and over again. The best part about Moon Sand is that it holds its shape. Regular sand crumbles. But wih Moon Sand, your kids can build sand masterpieces.

    award winning toy

    Gund Goober Bear

    This is perhaps one of the cutest teddy bears you can buy. The Gund Goober Bear is fat, fluffy, and cuddly. He stand 11 inches tall, and his fur is washable. Gund Goober Bear was actually an award winning kids toy for 2006. Every time your child takes a look at Goober Bear, they won’t be able to help not giving it a hug.

    gund goober bear

    Top Toys 2007: Rip Stik

    The Rip Stik is a great toy. It is a cross between a skateboard and a surfboard. There is no doubt that your child will love it. It is a unique, innovative skate toy.

    It is one of the top toys of 2007 because it is fun, and a top seller in over 3 different categories. The rip stik swivels 360 degrees, has high performance bearings, and it truly a toy built with quality in mind.

    rip stik

    Super Mario Galaxy

    This is perhaps going to be one of the top selling video games of this year. Super Mario Galaxy is going to rival Halo 3, Gears of War, and other top selling games. Gamers and fans alike have long been waiting for the next Mario game to be released, and the build up and reactions from fans has been phenomenal.

    Super Mario Galaxy takes players to the world of outer space. Explore planets, use intergalactic space travel, and save the universe from Bowser and his evil minions.

    If you own a Nintendo Wii, or are planning on buying a Wii, this is one of the must have Wii games of 2007.

    super mario galaxy

    Top Toys 2007: Aqua Dots

    This is a great toy for kids. It allows kids to make jewelry, keychains, and more by just using the aqua dots super studio and water. There are no chemicals, and no baking.

    The Aqua Dots Super Studio is on of the top toys of 2007 because it is fun to use, creative, and an easy to use craft toy. It is good for all ages.

    aqua dots