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March 2018
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    Top Toys Havoc Helicopters

    These are great R/C Helicopters. They are the Spinmaster Havoc Helicopters by Air Hogs. They are one of the top toys of Christmas 2007, because you actually get to battle with them. Each purchase comes with two sets of R/C Havoc Helicopters. Position them in the air, fire your laser, and your opponent will go [...]

    Top Toys 2007: Aqua Dots

    This is a great toy for kids. It allows kids to make jewelry, keychains, and more by just using the aqua dots super studio and water. There are no chemicals, and no baking.
    The Aqua Dots Super Studio is on of the top toys of 2007 because it is fun to use, creative, and an easy [...]

    Top Toys 2007: Rock Band

    Guitar Hero 3? What that? That name, and game, disappeared in my mind after I learned about the newest music video game for the XBOX 360. It is called Rock Band. Not only do you play the guitar, but you play the bass, drums, and do the vocals. It is an entire Rock Band all [...]

    Top Toys 2007: Razor Electric Mini Scooter

    This is another on of the great ride on toys of 2007. It is an electric euro mini scooter. It is just the right size for kids to ride around on in the house, or around the front yard. With speeds of up to 15 mph, it is recommended for kids 12 and older.
    It is [...]

    Top Toys 2007: Barbie Girls

    What makes Barbie Girls one of the top toys of 2007? Simple, it is an MP3 player and doll combined. It is the perfect MP3 Player for little girls, because they can customize their barbie girl with accessories, different hair styles, and different clothing. It is one of the top toys 2007, because it is [...]

    Top Toys 2007: Kidizoom Digital Camera

    This is truly one of the top toys of the week, and this Christmas. Instead of buying an expensive, fragile digital camera for your child, buy a kid tough, functional digital camera designed specifically for kids.
    They can throw it against the wall, step on it, and it will still work. It is truly kid tough. [...]

    Cranium Wow Game

    Cranium is back with a game that will make you go “wow”. This board game is fun, unique, and never gets old. Team up with your favorite family members as you work your way around the board. On your way around the cranium wow game, you will act, draw, solve puzzles, and sing. It is [...]

    EyeClops Bionic Eye

    This toys is great, and it is for sure one of the top toys of 2007. The EyeClops Bionic Eye lets your child view the world from a different light. By magnifying objects by 200 times the normal size. It is like a super magnifying glass. By using this super bionic eye toy, your children [...]