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March 2018
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    Fuzion Asphalt

    This is one of the most fun ride on toys of 2007. It is called the Fuzion Asphalt. It has a wide deck for unparalleled steering and control, independent trunks, and custom oversized wheels. It is fun for both skaters, and non-skaters. It is easy to use, and a blast for kids. It is a [...]

    Top Toys 2007: Rip Stik

    The Rip Stik is a great toy. It is a cross between a skateboard and a surfboard. There is no doubt that your child will love it. It is a unique, innovative skate toy.
    It is one of the top toys of 2007 because it is fun, and a top seller in over 3 different categories. [...]

    Top Toys 2007: Razor Electric Mini Scooter

    This is another on of the great ride on toys of 2007. It is an electric euro mini scooter. It is just the right size for kids to ride around on in the house, or around the front yard. With speeds of up to 15 mph, it is recommended for kids 12 and older.
    It is [...]

    Razor Scooter

    There is nothing better then keeping your little one active. It is one of the most important parts of their childhood. And with a Razor Scooter, you will have no problem keeping them outside. They can push their way to fast paced scooter races, to freestyle tricks. The Razor Scooter is durable, stylish, and very [...]

    Power Wheels NASCAR Racecar

    Does your child like Nascar? If they do, then this is the perfect toy for them. It is the Tony Stewart Ride-On racecar. This 2 speed marvel toy car will motor your kid around like never before with a top speed of 5 MPH. With bright orange decals, they will feel like they are king [...]