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February 2018
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    There is Still Time

    Amazon still has 9 days that they will guarantee December 24th delivery. So you should get shopping for the top toys now, before they become out of stock, or have too many shipping delays.

    And it Begins…

    It is officially the start of the Christmas shopping season. Every weekend there will be deals, sales, and limited time coupons. When you shop, do your research. Many times, you can buy the toy for cheaper online, then at your local Toys R’ Us.

    Happy Black Friday!

    Have a good Black Friday everyone. If you haven’t looked already, there are some great, exclusive online only toy deals going on right now. Check them out at Amazon. Today is one of the best shopping days of the year, and there are many great deals where you can save money on kids toys for [...]

    Top Toys 2007

    If you are interested in seeing the top toys of 2007, please take a look at our top toys listings. We list the top 10 toys, top toys for boys and girls, and individual top toys categories.

    We Need Writers

    If there are any writers out there that would like to write about children’s toys, then please email us at admin(at)

    Top Toys 2007 Grading

    We have a formula for grading which toys are the top toys of 2007. It is an algorythm that is based on 6 variables. Which are safety, innovation, quality, popularity, value, and lasting appeal.
    If you would like to put a toy to the test, please send us the name of the toy, and a [...]

    Stackers Speed Stacks

    Let them join in on the latest toy craze, Speed Stacks. It is a competitive cup stacking game that is sweeping the nation. Help bring out the competitive side in them with this great, fun, and fast paced competition toy.

    Ask us a Question

    If you have a question about what kind of toys your child might like, or any other question about toys and safety concerns, then please feel free to ask us a question. We are here to help you find the top toys for your children.


    Welcome to the top toys guide blog. We are here to help you find the best toys that are currently out. From robot dinosaurs, to news on the latest video game systems. Whatever it is, we will bring you the best toy gift ideas with the top toys guide blog.