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November 2007
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    And it Begins…

    It is officially the start of the Christmas shopping season. Every weekend there will be deals, sales, and limited time coupons. When you shop, do your research. Many times, you can buy the toy for cheaper online, then at your local Toys R’ Us.

    Happy Black Friday!

    Have a good Black Friday everyone. If you haven’t looked already, there are some great, exclusive online only toy deals going on right now. Check them out at Amazon. Today is one of the best shopping days of the year, and there are many great deals where you can save money on kids toys for [...]

    Lamborghini RC Toy Car

    As a boy, I remember dreaming of owning a Lamborghini. Yellow exterior with a tan interior. Unfortunately, that dream would not come true, but I could go for the next best thing, A RC toy Lamborghini. This is the closest thing I will ever get to that dream car. It is a 1:10 scale RC [...]

    Radio Control Tarantula

    This is a must have radio control toy for boys. What little boy does not want to scare his sister with this realistic radio controlled tarantula. Its movements make it look like an actual tarantula crawling on the kitchen floor. The remote control tarantula is a fun toy and unlike any other toy out there.

    Top Toys 2007

    If you are interested in seeing the top toys of 2007, please take a look at our top toys listings. We list the top 10 toys, top toys for boys and girls, and individual top toys categories.

    Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway

    There is nothing like the classics, and every Christmas, classic toys are always one of the top toys categories. The Thomas and Friends wooden railway toy fits perfectly into that category. This the “the works” set. It includes engines, railway, repair shops, and more… If you are going to get a Thomas and Friends toy, [...]

    Discovery Rainbow

    Now this is a unique, very cool kids toy. It is a machine that actually creates a rainbow, and projects in your kids wall. It is a great girl toy, and creates a cool atmosphere in any kids room. The Discovery Rainbow is unique, and unlike any toy I have seen before. It is top [...]

    Macro Microscope

    This is the perfect toy for your little scientist. It is the Discovery Channel Macro Microscope. It comes with everything from blank sides for your child to collect specimens in, to already made specimens, including a real Peruvian mummy wrap! This is a top toy, because when they use it, it is not just wasted [...]

    Hottest Toys 2007

    If you are looking for the hottest toys of 2007, then Amazon is the place to look. They have created a list of the 400 hottest toys for this Christmas. You can check out their list of the hottest toys 2007.

    Top Toys Havoc Helicopters

    These are great R/C Helicopters. They are the Spinmaster Havoc Helicopters by Air Hogs. They are one of the top toys of Christmas 2007, because you actually get to battle with them. Each purchase comes with two sets of R/C Havoc Helicopters. Position them in the air, fire your laser, and your opponent will go [...]