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As a parent looking for the best toys to buy the kids for Christmas this year, you may be having a tough time. It
may not be just the fact that you are trying to sort through the list of all the toys that the kids want, but it’s also
trying to discover what are the best toys to get that are safe.

There have been a number of news stories relating to unsafe toys this year. It seems every week there is a new
batch of toys that are being recalled because unsafe levels of paint, from the manufacturers in China. It makes a
parent wonder how you can tell which toys are safe, and which ones aren’t. You may be worried that if you buy
what you think are the best toys today, you will find out tomorrow that they are part of a new recall and that you
have given something unsafe to your child.

This concern is even more amplified if you have an exceptionally young child who is prone to putting every toy
that comes in contact with their hand, in their mouth.

While the manufacturing plants in China have vowed that all the toys hitting the shelves this holiday season will
be perfectly safe for children to play with, if you are not so sure, you are not alone. Many parents are stuck with
the same dilemma.

Many parents are looking for another alternative. Instead of trusting those manufacturing plants overseas, they
want toys with a better guarantee of safety to put in the hands, and ultimately the mouths, of their children.

Many people are looking for toys that are a little more on the green and safe side.

They are looking into the best toys as being those toys that are all natural. Many of these toys have no paints or
other chemicals used in their creation, which can be a reassuring thing when you think of those toys going into a
little one’s mouth.

While these are not the traditional ‘best toys’ that all the retailers would tell parents to buy, they may be able to
offer piece of mind.

One thing to consider is that many of these toys are not the great characters the kids want to see in their toys.
You know, all the characters they are addicted to on TV, and also want to see in their toy collection. So, if you
have a child who is used to playing with these kinds of toys, it may be a tough switch to go with less popular toys
that are the all-natural variety.

Sometimes you can help them through the adjustment by working with them and helping them be creative, coming
up with their own adventures and new characters to enjoy those adventures with. The best way to do this is to get
down and relive what it was like to be a child again, actually playing a round of make-believe.
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