Best Toys 2007

This summer the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons in the July release of the Transformers movie has
brought a whole new set of transformers merchandise to the best toys of 2007 list.

It was like 20 years ago all over again. Back then, the Transformers TV show made all little boys want action
figures from the show. The same thing is happening again, but this time the toys are much more advanced than
the ones from two decades ago.

Sure you can get a lot of the action figures. There are figures for pretty much every major and minor player in the
movie, but there are also some toys that go beyond just the typical action figure collection.

One of the best toys of 2007 from the Transformers series is the Ultimate Bumblebee action figure. The Ultimate
Bumblebee figure is a 14-inch tall action figure that converts from a bright yellow robot to a bright yellow Camaro.
In addition to being able to change from one shape to the other, this toy also has action. When in it’s robot shape
it can fire missiles at an enemy and says a number of phrases. As a Camaro is has screeching tire sounds, lights
and a horn, among its features.  

Another of the best toys of 2007 from the Transformer series is Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet. A child
can put the helmet on and totally recreate a scene from the movie being the big character, Optimus Prime. When
they speak through a helmet it will change their voice to sound less like a child and more like a Transformer
robot.  If they can’t come up with some good robot comments, they can have the helmet do it for them, with a
number of pre-recorded robot voices and noises.

What good is playing Transformers if you don’t have some of the weapons the robots would have? That beings
us to the next item on our list of best toys of 2007 in Transformers, the Arm Blasters.  The arm blasters are
loaded with foam darts and depending on which side of the Transformers battle your little one wants to be on
they can choose a Starscream’s Jet blaster or the Optimus Prime truck blaster.

If the kids want to take their Transformers battle outside, they can do that with the Super Soaker Transformers
Water Shooter. The name really says it all about this item on the best toys of 2007 list. If you get hit, you are
going to get soaked with a twistable nozzle that offers four different water blasts.

For the child that can't choose between Transformers and Star Wars, why not get them both. One of the best
toys of 2007 is the Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader Deluxe Death Star.  One moment it looks like the Star
Wars Death Star vehicle, and with a few folds and clicks, a robotic-looking Darth Vader is staring you down, light
saber in hand, and ready for a fight.
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