Best Christmas Toys

While you want your kids to have fun with their toys, it would be nice if they were to learn a little something as
well. Luckily, there is a whole world of toy inventors that understand this and are creating toys that fuse fun and
learning into one.

The number one on the list of 'Best Christmas Toys That Teach' is the Smart Cycle. This cycle encourages kids
to climb on board and pedal their way to an education, literally. The Smart Cycle is a bike that is suitable for kids
from 3-6 years old. Once you plug it into your TV, you have created an interactive and educational environment
for the little ones to play in. As they pedal along they will be able to play games, and learn things like numbers,
letters, colors, shapes, all the while getting a little bit of a work out as they pump the pedals. If you have two of
these you can even get two kids to exercise, as they race against one another.

It seems if you are learning on something that looks cool, it suddenly becomes fun. That is the idea behind the
next toy on the 'Best Christmas Toys That Teach' list.  The Transformers Powerhead Desktop PC starts out
looking like Optimus Prime's head, but when you open the pieces of the helmet, you uncover a small computer
screen and full-sized keyboard. By playing a number of educational games, your child can progress through the
levels and work towards a final battle with Megatron.

What if you could bring the world to your child? Now you can with the next toy on the 'Best Christmas Toys That
Teach' list. The Interactive Universal Projector lets your child decide where to put the universe.  When you
choose a planet, the projector will then display that planet, in living color, on the wall or ceiling. Then press the
info button and let the projector tell you more about the celestial body you are looking at.

The little ones always want to do what the bigger kids and the adults are doing. That often means they want to be
on the computer too, although it's not always a place they should be. The next toy on the 'Best Christmas Toys
That Teach' list will remedy that. The ClickStart My First Computer plugs into your TV, and becomes your child's
first computer. Geared towards kids in the 3-6 range, it lets them have their first keyboard, mouse and software,
with games that teach them to count, read, and other basic skills.

Music and kids go together. But instead of having them listen to a regular radio, why not let them listen to some
fun music that will teach a little something at the same time. The next toy on the 'Best Christmas Toys That
Teach' list is the Leaning DJ. This toy looks like a Robotic Boom Box with a microphone. Your kids can listen to
the songs, that happen to be teaching things like colors, shapes, numbers and letters, and then are encouraged
to listen to themselves be a star, by singing along on the microphone. They think they're a singing star, you know
they're learning something.
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